JSC ZASLON is a large up-to-date and stable company which considers its employees as the priority value. Professional background of employees allows the company’s team to successfully implement projects in the defense industry, and to participate in the development of modern systems and complexes. Our company produces radio electronic equipment for the following military applications: airplanes, helicopters, ships and submarines. JSC ZASLON products are installed on the most significant items of the Russian Army equipment.

     Our products are the result of combination of advanced scientific ideas, high-tech production and the highest competence of engineers and production workers. The well-functioning system of auxiliary services allows the production process participants to work with maximum efficiency, without being distracted by incidental tasks and bureaucratic delays.

  • Stability

     JSC ZASLON guarantees the stability of workplaces for its employees. With the number of orders growing we are increasing our production capacity and new workplaces appear. Many employees of JSC ZASLON contributed to the employment of their spouses, children and even grandchildren at the company; such initiatives are supported, because they contribute to the strengthening of connections between subdivisions and acceleration of production processes.

  • Salary

     Salary is paid to the employees in strict accordance with the labor code, on the 15th and 30th day of each month. The company has payroll card projects with Sberbank and Rosselkhozbank. Participation in such project gives an advantage to those employees who want to apply for a loan or a mortgage.

  • Safety

     Physical safety of employees is ensured by access control and inspection of inspection of personal belongings. A person can only access the company territory having an individual pass. And there are frames with metal detectors at the checkpoints.

  • Health of Employees

     JSC ZASLON takes care of the health of its employees. In close proximity there is a medical center, which will render emergency medical assistance, perform injections according to doctor's prescription and give therapist consultation if necessary. The company provides for annual medical checks of its employees. Key employees have Voluntary Health Insurance.

  • Employee Personal Data Protection

     The company takes responsibility for protecting personal data of its employees: Only certain group of people is allowed to work with personal data.
Everyone has personal responsibility for the disclosure of confidential information. Company employees choose what information can be used openly, and what can not.

  • Financial Aid

    Company employees have opportunity to receive financial aid in the following cases: birth / adoption of a child; diseases requiring expensive treatment; theft of personal property. The company supports retired employees in a difficult financial situation, pays bonuses when employees reach anniversary dates.

  • Internship for High School Students

     Younger relatives (14-18 years old) of employees may participate in a paid summer internship program. The number of internship places is limited by the current load of company facilities.

  • Corporate Training System

     For those employees who work in the company for more than a year, a training system is organized: they can get all necessary knowledge to successfully solve current problems and for professional development. Employees have opportunity to choose independently an advanced training course from those existing in the city or country, and also to make a request for development of individual training course program in one of the industry-specific educational institutions.

  • Cooperation with Universities

     The personnel policy of JSC ZASLON is focused on maintaining and developing the potential of its employees, creating a qualified and cohesive result-oriented team.

     One of the key priorities of our personnel policy is recruitment of young professionals, such as students and graduates of higher and secondary special educational institutions.

     Students undertake production and pre-diploma internship under the guidance of qualified specialists of JSC ZASLON. They obtain important experience at real-life production facilities and get the opportunity to participate in product development. After successfully passing the internship, many students receive proposal to work at JSC ZASLON and they stay to work as company specialists.

     We have agreements on cooperation with the following leading universities of St. Petersburg:

  • Baltic State Technical University "Voenmeh" D.F.Ustinov
  • Saint Petersburg State University
  • Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI)
  • Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation 
  • Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”
  • Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University
  • ITMO University

  • Initiative Projects

     The company has a system for developing and promoting initiative projects: everyone has the opportunity to suggest a project and take responsibility for its implementation, try him/herself as a factory order manager, give a start to a new line of business activity and to lead it.

  • Candidates Pool

     Company management is favorable to ambitious specialists, who are ready to take extra responsibilities for important developments. Career growth for such people is not a distant prospect, but a necessity, and we understand and appreciate it.

  •  Sports and Intellectual Leisure Activities

     For recreation and leisure of employees we support the company football team, have competition “Ready for Work and Defense”, regularly conduct tournaments of “What? Where? When?” corporate game, organize corporate visits to the theater, as well as summer and New Year's corporate events.

     Our company faces a wide range of tasks, develops and produces a variety of products, which allow us to fully implement scientific and creative potential of our employees, and use all previously acquired knowledge and experience.

     Working at JSC ZASLON you will be able to fully apply your professional knowledge and skills, as well as improve your qualifications and open new horizons!

    JSC "ZASLON" is located in the center of Saint Petersburg within 10-minute walk from the "Moskovskie Vorota" metro station.
We invite you to our friendly and cohesive team!