JSC ZASLON at ARMY-2018 International Military-Technical Forum

Mon, 03/09/2018

For the third year in a row Joint-Stock Company ZASLON participates in ARMY-2018, the most large-scale exhibition in terms of weapons and military equipment presented.

The 4th International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2018 took place in Patriot congress and exhibition center during August 21 - 26, 2018 in Kubinka. 1 254 companies and organizations, representatives of 118 foreign states, 102 official military delegations participated in it. All in all, 26 459 samples of military and dual-purpose products were presented in the territory of Patriot center. ARMY-2018 forum exceeded the results of year 2017 exhibition in all respects by 1.5 times in average.

This year JSC ZASLON set up a 176 m2 booth inside a navy armament and equipment pavilion and arranged an exposition on a 210 mopen-air site in front of the pavilion.

At ARMY-2018 we presented V006E and SV004-E Airborne Radars designed for installation on civil and military helicopters, MF RLK ASLON Multi-Purpose Naval Radar System designed for perspective surface ships of the Russian Navy, mobile data centers, artillery equipment, etc.

9-А-5013 Rocket pods with modular cassettes for installation on various carriers were presented for the first time there. A characteristic feature of this product is its modular structure and versatility, as well as the possibility to configure the number of units with total amount of 10-25 barrels. For illustration purposes, one 25-barrel unit was installed on Мi-171SH-VN right ejector rack.

For the first time a real-life sample of Sel’ multipurpose system for 80-mm caliber unguided rocket weapon was presented. This product is designed for destruction of manpower and lightly armored hostile equipment in open areas and fortifications. Its main feature is implementation of “Aim. Fire. Retreat” principle: quick deployment and striking within a shortest time possible.

Among the real-life samples demonstrated at the open-air site, there were also General Purpose Ground Support Facilities, namely: АК 1.6-20-1-1U and АК 1.0-30-1-1U Ground Air-Conditioning Units, APA 100 U Ground Mobile Generating Set, UPG-350U Hydraulic System Test Unit.

According to official data, more than 300 representatives of various companies and organizations visited JSC ZASLON exhibition booth. The honorary guests were Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia A.Yu. Krivoruchko, Head of Armament and Aviation Equipment Department of the MOD State Defence Order Procuerement Department A.F. Elchaninov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation О.N. Ryazantsev.

Among the foreign guests were representatives from India, the Republic of Burundi, Romania, Bulgaria and Korea. Foreign customers were highly interested in the supply of ready-made radar products, as well as a premier - rocket pod of modular design.

A pleasant final of this exhibition was awarding to JSC ZASLON Certificates and commemorative signs from organizers of the forum: "For Achievements in Equipment and Weapons Design for Russian Armed Forces" and "The Best Innovative Development".