Wed, 02/08/2017

     JSC ZASLON invites guests and participants of the third International Military-Technical Forum “ARMY-2017” to visit our expositions in the pavilion of Armament and Equipment of Aerospace Forces (place 1D4), as well as in the zone of the Military-Industrial Complex (place E2). The event will take place at Patriot Congress and Exhibition Center (Kubinka, Moscow region) from August 22 to August 27, 2017. Our company will present developments of aviation armaments, radio equipment based on active electronically scanned array (AESA), as well as general-purpose ground support equipment.

     Within the framework of the forum, JSC ZASLON will demonstrate a model of Multi-Purpose Radar Station MF RLK AESA Radar-X Zaslon, full-scale sample of operator panel, which is a part of Radar-Х-MF RLK-E, where the main information display will show to guests scenarios on search, detection and tracking of air targets, small low-altitude and surface targets. The exhibition will also demonstrate Airborne Radar Station V006E, which is deigned for equipping Mi-8 series helicopters.

  Multi-mode fuses for 76-300 mm artillery ammunition will be presented together with our strategic partner OJSC Novosibirsk Production Amalgamation “Luch”.

    Moreover, guests of JSC ZASLON booth will have the possibility to meet in person and talk with leading specialists, designers, engineers and managers of the company.

     Looking forward to seeing you at the exhibition!