JSC “ZASLON” production pattern comprises the following subdivisions:

  • mechanical production facility;
  • frame production facility;
  • assembly facility;
  • test base: test benches and equipment;
  • electronic components setting shop;
  • electroplating and painting shop;
  • setting and handover shop;
  • operation and repair department;
  • commercial air conditioners production facility.

The mechanical production facility is majoring in manufacture of rotary bodies of the smallest to 300 mm in diameter, using both automatic and multi-purpose equipment; as well as in machining of parts made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, sized not more than 500 mm х 800 mm, with manufacturing accuracy of up to the second class.

The frame production facility manufactures parts and assemblies with the fours accuracy class, not larger than 600 mm х 800 mm х 1000 mm, and basic load-bearing structures, followed by painting and assembling.

Test benches and equipment have been certified and allow for climatic tests, including those of large-sized items, in chambers not larger than 30 cubic meters, as well as mechanical tests – vibration and impact tests.  Tests are performed both for specialized equipment, and for any general industrial, business and commercial items.

The painting shop specializes in application of coatings on items, using all types of lacquers and paints, and large-sized painting and drying chambers sized 1800 mm х 2000 mm х 1000 mm.

The heat treatment bay specializes in heat treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The assembly facility specializes in manufacture of model prototypes and batch production of highly sophisticated radioelectronic products (assembling, mounting, setting, software debugging, set of weather- and climate-resistance tests), as well as in batch production of ground air-conditioning units of various versions. The assembly facility carries out warranty and post-warranty services and repair of all the equipment produced, manufacture of component parts and repair systems for on-site repair of the equipment, as well as profound update and lifetime renewal of earlier items.


Since JSC “ZASLON" possesses an up-to-date production and test base, it renders the widest range of services:

  • framework operations for small and medium-sized items;
  • installation and assembling operations;
  • full scope of painting and electroplating operations;
  • climatic and mechanical tests of all types;
  • operations associated with installation, adjustment of radio electronics and test of equipment in shielded rooms;
  • heat treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous metals;
  • manufacture of parts of all configurations, using a hydro-abrasive machine.

JSC “ZASLON” keeps on upgrading the engineering level of its production base, and thus its labour productivity.  To meet such an essential challenge, the company is constantly purchasing the latest high-tech equipment, thus putting JSC “ZASLON" among leaders of the Russian machine-building industry.