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Nowadays JSC ZASLON is an advanced design technology that allows you to bring unique ideas into reality. This is a modern production equipment that allows you to create technologies that has no equals in the whole world.
JSC ZASLON forms a team of professionals, provides comprehensive support to talented and ambitious employees who bring new ideas into life and are aimed at achieving results. JSC ZASLON pursues an active HR-policy aimed at attracting and retaining the most talented young employees, fair salary growth, using various types of incentives, conducting large-scale training and personnel development programs, ensuring safe working conditions and improving social security of employees. The strategic goal of our HR-policy is team development that is capable of solving strategic tasks of the company.
Principles of HR-policy
We take an active participation in the professional growth of our employees, assist in obtaining new knowledge and skills. Our team of professionals is our competitive advantage and leadership within the industry and the world as a whole.
We value our employees for responsible approach to work, a desire for self-improvement, independence, ability to achieve goals despite possible difficulties and temporary inconveniences.
We guarantee the strict compliance of all the norms of the labor legislation of the Russian Federation and other regulatory legal acts that govern the relationship between the company and its employees.
We have and maintain traditions that reflect our history, corporate culture and values. These are workers’ and engineers’ dynasties, cultural and recreational events for employees and their children, sports and intellectual competitions.
Initiative Projects
Company administration supports ambitious professionals who are ready to take on additional obligations and take responsibility for significant developments. Career growth for such people is not a distant prospect, it’s a reality. The company has a system for initiative projects development and promotion: anyone has the opportunity to suggest a project and take responsibility for its implementation, try to be a factory order manager, start a new business line and lead it.
Young Professionals Involvement
One of the priorities of our HR-policy is to attract young professionals: students and graduates of higher and secondary vocational institutions.
Students who pass the production and pre-diploma internship at the company are guided by JSC ZASLON qualified specialists, get important experience in actual production and have the opportunity to participate in unique developments.
Cooperation agreements were signed with leading universities in St. Petersburg:
  • Baltic State Technical University «VOENMEH» D.F. Ustinov
  • St. Petersburg State University
  • St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation
  • St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation
  • St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University «LETI» V.I. Ulyanova (Lenin) (SPbSETU «LETI»)
  • Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
We offer our employees:
  • Interesting work at high-tech and knowledge-intensive historical production site
  • Official employment, benefits and guarantees in full compliance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation
  • Training and professional development of employees at all levels
  • Corporate loyalty programs (Private medical insurance, gym)
  • Health promotion programs for employees
  • Sports events (indoor soccer, volleyball, heaving exercises)
  • Intellectual tournaments, outdoor summer and winter corporate events
  • Flexible remuneration system (completely "transparent" wages, no delays)
  • Providing hostel and free hot meals (for working professions)
  • Walking distance from underground station
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