About us

JSC “ZASLON”, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CENTER is an up-to-date scientific and research centre developing and producing the most sophisticated articles. The high-technology products of the enterprise finds wide application in various fields where tasks are to be solved with the use of the latest scientific and engineering accomplishments. The developments of JSC ZASLON take advantage of unique engineering solutions supported with inventions and patented.

Examples of numerous developments allow tracing the history of scientific thinking and its engineering embodiment. Achievements of the enterprise designers have brought the Russian aviation to the highest level.


At present, the enterprise activity is concentrated in the following priority areas:

  • Development, production and modernization of the radar equipment
  • Development, production and modernization of the radio navigation facilities
  • Development, production and modernization of the air-borne avionics equipment for aircrafts and helicopters
  • Development, production and repair of the general-purpose ground support equipment
  • Development and production of the marine climatic equipment
  • Development and production of digital computing system blocks

Each activity is widely applied, thus allowing the plant to defy competition in various fields. The plant's scientific basis and production facilities are developing continuously. The articles released are updated to fit the needs of a specific client as soon as practical.

Proficient specialists work at the enterprise.


In the course of its production activities the plant interacts with numerous ministries, agencies and industrial bodies such as: Tupolev PJSC,  Sukhoi Company (JSC), Joint-Stock Company “Russian Aircraft Corporation "MiG" , Kamov Design Bureau, Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, JSC V.V.Tikhomirov Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Design, JSC Phazotron-NIIR, Almaz CMDB, JSC, Baltiс Shipyard Ltd., JSC "Shipyard Yantar", Amur Shipbuilding Plant, Joint-Stock Company "Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering "Rubin", etc.

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